Newsflash: Philip May puts the bins out…

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That appears to be the main scoop The One Show secured from their exclusive interview with the prime minister and her husband of more than 35 years.

Whatever your political allegiance, this interview was a strange move by her communications team in a campaign that has styled Theresa May as the second incarnation of the Iron Lady. Getting cosy on the couch for a friendly chat with Matt and Alex was certainly at odds with the austere style of campaign photography, carefully choreographed to reinforce May’s grit.

Watching the interview made for uncomfortable viewing as Mrs May struggled to appear relaxed in this environment, while her carefully controlled responses made hard work for the lively presenting duo. Even when asked about her childhood, she seemed reluctant to deviate from the campaign mantra – “it was very stable”.

We can only assume the thinking behind The One Show booking was to cover all bases and show the softer side of Mrs May. If that was the aim, it didn’t really work.

But maybe that wasn’t the thinking behind this interview at all. Philip May was much more at ease on the sofa and came across as a thoroughly nice bloke who is firmly behind his wife. In a Conservative campaign that is hinged around Theresa May’s leadership, perhaps her team couldn’t resist using Philip as a more affable foil to his rather formidable wife…